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Google Shopping Integration with Shopify: How to Set up the Google Shopping App

Looking for the best way to show your products to potential customers across Google’s Network? Look no further as Google Shopping is the perfect app for you! Here is how to integrate Google Shopping with Shopify!

Google is the ultimate place online buyers go to discover new products or brand, compare online stores, analyze prices, and more.

If you want to advertise your products, brand, and online store on Google, to millions of potential customers, Google Shopping is one great app to consider. Not only you can advertise your products using Google Shopping app, but you can also drive more sales, save time and improve accuracy, optimize your advertisement campaigns, and much more.

Google Shopping app automatically syncs your products and important data about your online store. If you want, you can update your product listings from your admin directly to your business in the UK.

Create Terms of Service

How to Set Up the Google Shopping App and Integrate it With Your Shopify Store

In order for you to use the Google Shopping app, your Shopify store needs to meet the requirements of Google Merchant Center.

During the setup process, Shopify’s Google Shopping app provides you with a checklist to ensure you meet all the requirements. Some of these tasks are required to use the app:

  • List your contact information/details on your website
  • Enable the Shopify store sales channel
  • Remove the password
  • Create Terms of Service
  • Create a Refund Policy
  • Uninstall the previous Google Shopping app
  • Add a payment provider
  • Ship only to supported countries

Keep in mind that the Merchant Center has strict rules for displaying your business information. If you already have a contact page on your website, make sure at least your physical address, phone number or email address are viable to your visitors and potential customers. 

 Once you complete these tasks, you need to log in to your Google account to sync your store with the Google Merchant Center.

The Google Merchant Center helps you upload all important information about your products and store to Google and make them available for campaigns and other services.

The app will ask you to log in to your Google account to sync your online store with the Merchant Center account. Don’t have a Merchant Center account? Don’t worry as an account is created during the setup process.


Remove the password
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Google Shopping

Once you set up the app, the Shopify platform syncs your products and important settings like taxes and shipping to the Google Merchant Center. All you need to do is to go to Shopify.com/google-shopping

The Google shopping app syncs your products separately after your Merchant Center account has been created and approved. If you already have a product set up, then the process will go smoothly.

The app uses product data to organize your products for Google Shopping Ads. In order to publish your products on Google and Google Shopping, there are a few types of product data required:

  • Add Google Shopping data for a single product
  • Add Google Shopping data for more than one product
  • Product requirements (you need to add specific information about each product you want to publish on Google shopping, for example, product category, unique product identifiers, and etc).
  • Add product data to meet specific category demands (Google has strict requirements for products that have Media, Apparel & Accessories, and Book chosen as Product Category.

Products with the Approved status are automatically synced to the Google Merchant Center. After the sync is officially successful, you can use Google Ads to create a marketing campaign for your product. Visit Google Ads website to learn more about setting Google Ads.

The Google Shopping App from Shopify can help you advertise your products and double your sales. Google Shopping and Shopify integration allow you to start advertising in minutes using your Shopify product catalog!

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