3 Things to Consider When Optimizing Your Product Titles for A Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping

When selling online, marketing through search engines is a critical component. Your store must be searchable online. For this to happen, you need to prepare it for the same. You must invest in SEO optimization to ensure you secure a top position in the search results. As you might be aware, the search engine is the best source of organic traffic. This traffic has a high conversion rate. When it comes to Google Shopping, the same approach applies. You must enhance your product optimization to enable you to find a top position in your niche results. One of the aspects you need to optimize is the product title. This title appears on the Shopping ads accompanying your product image. Remember, the product title contributes more than 80% of traffic to your store. Hence, you must prioritize its optimization. When doing this, here are three things you should consider:

The character limit

The character limit is the number of characters you can use in your product titles. Google sets the maximum characters in a PLA ad title to be 150. You cannot have a title that is longer than 150 characters. However, optimization experts argue that the best way to realize your product optimization goal is to have a title which is not more than 70 characters. Such a title becomes easy for Google to crawl it and win you better ranks. Hence, when optimizing your product titles for Google Shopping ads campaign consider your characters’ limit.More topics about Google Shopping that you can see here

Pay attention to front Load key terms

Apart from the character limit, the next item to consider is the front key terms. This is another name referring to the keywords or phrases in your niche. When developing your product titles, you should follow the SEO optimization rules. To rank better, you should always avoid keyword stuffing. Only use the key terms in a way that will boost your ranking. Keyword stuffing will only harm your ranking and lead to more losses than gains. The terms should fall within the set limit of 70-150 characters.

Develop a descriptive title

As you might be aware, online shoppers use different terms to look for products online. Some will consider color, size, and price. Others will use the manufacturers’ number depending on what they are purchasing. With this reality in the market, it is important for you to match your customer’s search terms and your product title. For this reason, ensure your title is descriptive and tallies with shoppers search terms.