3 Ways to Enhance Your Google Shopping Ads Clicks

Google Shopping Ads Clicks

Do you market your products through Google Shopping ads? If so, you’re on the right track to winning more sales. This approach allows you to place your products at the top of the search engine results in your niche. Also, it provides your visitors with relevant product information that help them to make a purchase decision. The approach combines both text and image to woo potential customers. With the power of visual presentation, you can easily draw traffic that converts to buyers on your online store.

Besides, the Shopping ads are set on the pay-per-click format. You only pay for an ad when a customer clicks it. Hence, you rarely waste your cash without getting a return on each coin you invest. However, this case is no guarantee. Sometimes, you may run a PLA ads campaign but receive less or even zero clicks. If you are experiencing this challenge, here are three ways for enhancing your Google Shopping ad clicks:n

Offering a competitive price

Price is a major attraction for customers to your store. The price you offer for your product can woo or chase away potential customers. With the power of PLA ad service that offers room for price comparison, what you offer against that of your competitors will determine the number of clicks you will receive.  If you are suffering from a few clicks, your prices might be too high. For you to deal with this challenge, it is essential to offer competitive prices. Hence, focus on this aspect to win more sales in your online venture.

Consider other offers

As you know, the price is not the sole aspect that convinces a customer. Online shoppers pay attention to other offers before making their decisions. For instance, you might be offering a lower price, but when the customer considers your shipping and taxes costs, it becomes more expensive than what your competitors are offering. With this, you will receive a few clicks on your ads which translates to limited sales. So, always consider other offers other than price alone.

Paying attention to your product images

An image is the center of your online sales. As you know, your customers do not have a physical opportunity to interact with your products. They rely on the images you present to them to decide the way forward. In this essence, you need to pay attention to your product images. Always ensure they are of high quality and clear. Otherwise, low-quality images translate to poor quality products meaning a few clicks.

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