Here Are the Three Pillars of a Successful Google Shopping

Google Shopping

No doubt. E-commerce is becoming the way of doing business. The technological advancement is enhancing the ability to drive sales through virtual platforms. As everyone gears towards reaching more customers across the globe, competition is scaling up. Everyone is gearing up to become the pacesetter in their niche. With this aspect, the development of marketing strategies is becoming imminent. One of these strategies is Google Shopping campaigns.

The online store owners are embracing the new technology from Google to enable them to win the number one position on the search results. However, running this ad campaign is not a guarantee for success. Failing is a threat, and you’re not secure from it. For you to succeed, you need to understand the pillars that hold a successful PLA ads campaign. This article presents detailed information about the three pillars of a successful Google Shopping ads campaign. Here they are:

Feed creation and optimization

The product data feed is the basic pillar of your campaign. The feed creation involves the generation of the product information and uploading them on the Merchant Center. Your feed must contain the right information about your products such as price, size, image, and other relevant elements that may help the customer to make a buying decision. Also, you must have the ability to optimize your product data feed. Your product titles and descriptions must contain keywords in your niche and terms that your prospects use on their online searches. Without considering these elements, your business will be on its way to failing.


The next pillar is bidding. Bidding involves ensuring every click in your campaign has a maximum benefit. For instance, when a visitor clicks on your ads, they should translate into buyers. As an advertiser, you should know how to bid effectively to ensure no coin you spend on advertising go to waste. Your bidding strategy should ensure the top performers or bestselling products gets more bids and visibility than the none performers. In other words, you should aim at promoting on-demand products to ensure you maximize your sales and utilize the advertising cost.


Monitoring is the next crucial aspect to consider. You need to monitor your Google Shopping ad campaigns to ensure they are performing as expected. The PLA allows you to assess your performance data at any time. Hence, you can know which product is performing better than the other and optimize it.